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Posted by ivaladkapaz@icloud.com on August 18, 2021
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I always say “extend your living space and use every little inch that you can”. Especially now, when we have fewer options of travel and going out, this is a great way to utilize all areas of your home. Since we’ve moved into our place, I’ve been working away on little projects and updates. The longer we live in our space, our tastes change and the ways we use a space evolves.

A big feature of our house is all the outdoor space we have. We’ve got a great front porch, perfect for working outside early to mid day and visits with our neighbours (check out my blog on our Updating our Curb Appeal); and we’ve set up a great backyard lounge space on our back deck, ideal for afternoons and evenings to avoid the scorching sun and evenings with guests.

This is the space that I’ve found myself continuously revisiting…it just wasn’t quite right yet.

The Process:

I was able to find the perfect sectional, which I purchased from Canadian Tire of all places. It’s a great price point, the perfect size and not super “precious” (i.e., EXPENSIVE) that I’m worried about having my kids hang out on it.

Once I found this, I knew the big piece was done; but it’s always been the decor that still wasn’t on point. I picked up a few things here and there, but I was never really loving any of it. I picked up a navy and white nautical stripped outdoor rug from Costco. It was the wrong size and feel, but convenience and price-point won out and it served it’s purpose for a season or two. (See the sad little photo above).

But after we completed our backyard renovation (see photo above and check out my last blog post for details), this gave me some insight. For our stonework, we went a little more modern with a gray colour and smooth finish. This directed me to go a little more modern with my decor too.  As one does, I began my searching online. I found some LOVELY rugs at Annie Selke Rugs, but they were just a bit more than I wanted to spend, especially because I knew the rug was just the start LOL. So the search continued and I found myself on Wayfair. That’s where I found this lovely gem. The style was right, the size was right, and it could be delivered fast! Of course a rug leads to new pillow covers (Amazon is your friend)…and new pillow covers lead to new lighting (Homesense obviously)…and new lighting leads to a new fire pit (Solo Stove). And so on and so forth.

But now I’m happy to say we’re finally happy with our backyard space! No more water issues and decor is where I wanted it to land. Of course I’ll probably think of a few additional things we need, a little side table here, maybe a lantern or two there, but for the most part we’re done and I love it!

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