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Posted by ivaladkapaz@icloud.com on March 1, 2021
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When we’re thinking about linen closets, let’s be real, none of us are all that excited. And I get it! Exactly how excited can one be about the closet where we store our towels and sheets!? These spaces are typically messy, over stocked and quite frankly…looking a little tired! If you’re anything like myself, I’ve moved all these items from house to house and only ever used a fraction of them. Finally after opening the closet door to get a towel last week and seeing this…I decided it was time for a little makeover. 

Judgement Free Zone!

Now, first let me ask that you don’t judge me! I know it’s awful. It’s jam packed, unorganized and quite frankly a disaster! The amount of different coloured towels, sample sized lotions and old hair rollers is a bit ridiculous. However, in my defense, I’ve got 2 young boys. They go through towels like it’s their job!!! So it’s always good to have extras. Throw in a dog and potential for guests (post COVID), you just never know what you’ll need! Now having said that, I clearly realized that this kind of hoarding is something my dad would do lol, so it was time to pair down.

Where to start?

First thing was to empty the closet and get myself a blank slate. The walls were white yes, but not all that bright. So the first thing to do was to give it a little refresh with a coat of white paint. I’ve got tons of paint downstairs in our furnace room from previous projects, so I may as well use some of that up! So step 1 was paint the walls a bright white. Done.




Grab the other paint I have sitting around and get started on those dots! Now I know what you’re asking…why not wall paper? Do you regret painting all those dots? In short yes! LOL My hand was a claw by the end of this.

However I knew that I wanted to restock on fresh white towels (yes, I’m keeping the old ones for the kids) and baskets, so in hopes to make this rather budget friendly, I thought I’d use the paint I have rather than buy wall paper.

I took a few paint brushes and tested out the dots. Surprisingly, they can look quite different! So once I chose the one I was going to work with, (it was a shorter haired brush), I began on the bottom section. Slow and steady. Paying attention to not really giving it too much thought if that makes sense. Although I wanted it to look somewhat uniform, within that, I was embracing the irregularity of the dots! And could you imagine trying to do this perfectly?! That’s a disappointment waiting to happen.

The painting took 1.5 days. I was able to get 3 sections done the first day with the last 2 sections done the second.

I picked up some inexpensive baskets from Canadian Tire. Now having seen what I want to put back into the closet, i’ll probably reassess and get some different ones. I’ve probably spent more time finding the right baskets than anything else! It’s surprisingly difficult to find the right ones.

But I have to say, I’m happy to have this little project done. It makes all the difference getting a towel from a nice clean space, that’s been painted and organized.

Now to teach my kids how to fold towels and put them away properly. That’s an entire Blog in itself!!! 🙂

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